• Buy a book and get a goat!
  • Jenny Kostecki-shaw
Buy a book and get a goat!

We are grateful to all the families (and goats and cows and water buffaloes) who shared their nourishing milk with us during our travels in India.

With every 108 Chai Pilgrimage books we sell on chaipilgrimage.com, we will purchase two goats through Heifer International to help build community self-reliance ($2.22 donated per book). Each goat provides a rural family with both nourishment and a source of sustainable income. The first female offspring born is then passed on to another family, and on, and on…spreading prosperity throughout the community. Enjoy the gift of giving a goat while sipping some spicy goat milk chai and curling up with your copy of Chai Pilgrimage.


 ** 2/17/14 - Happy to donate our first goat today!

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