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LA YOGA Reviews CP!


It made us smile seeing this rave review of 'Chai Pilgrimage' in this month's printed issue of LA YOGA Magazine! You can check out the full September on-line issue here: http://www.mazdigital.com/webreader/14305#

Chai Pilgrimage: A Soul Nourishing Tea Adventure Through Northern India
By Patrick Shaw and Jenny Kostecki-Shaw
Dancing Elephant Press

Chai Pilgrimage is many things: part travelogue, part cookbook, part coffee table book; and it quickly made its way to my shortlist of all-time favorite books. Chai tells the story of a young couple who venture from their Northern New Mexico home for four months traveling across Northern India immersing themselves in chai culture.

Beautifully written, the authors tell of their experiences from both a personal perspective and an objective sociological description of Indian culture and spirituality. From an overview of deities and rituals to specific profiles of some of the fascinating characters they encounter, it is easy to feel transported to a chai stand in Kolkata, sipping from a clay cup. And then there are the recipes, which include many different variations of chai along with some accompanying snacks.

What makes this book so special is the magical visual treatment bringing the narrative to life. Jenny Kostecki-Shaw is an award-winning creator of children’s books. And though richly sophisticated, her artwork here inspires the wonder and awe of a child. I was thrilled to discover they sell signed and limited edition prints of many of the illustrations for sale on their website: Chaipilgrimage.com

Chai Pilgrimage is a treasure, whether you are a budding chai wallah, a Hinduphile, or a curious yogi. Illuminating and inspiring, I look forward to spending many hours with this treasured tome in the years to come.

Reviewed by Zoë Kors, Managing Editor of LA Yoga who is passionate about warm, soothing beverages in mugs.

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