LA YOGA Reviews CP!

It made us smile seeing this rave review of 'Chai Pilgrimage' in this month's printed issue of LA YOGA Magazine! "and it quickly made its way to my shortlist of all-time favorite books." Review by Zoƫ Kors. Click to read full review.

CP in The Indian Trumpet

We are beyond excited to be featured in this month's issue of The Indian Trumpet ALL ABOUT CHAI! An interview with Patrick on the backstory of Chai Pilgrimage is on pages 22-27. The entire issue is gorgeous and includes tributes to chai and India from people around the world. So brew up some masala chai and dip your whole self into their CHAI online issue!

At the Printer!

Two weeks ago, we took a road trip up to Colorado to meet with our print broker and pour over the book proofs. We were thrilled to glimpse, for the first time, this labor of our heart unrolled and laid out on a conference table:192 crisp, clean, perfectly printed pages. These are eight non-consecutive pages from our illustrated recipe section...